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About us

Commercial – manufacturing firm CUB IMPORT was established on the years of experience in the stone dressing field and also on the procurement of international equipment for manufactures that works with stone dressing and mining. In the 2002 we opened a manufacture of manufacturing work of products made from Ukrainian natural stone. Since 2005 we began to supply stone-working equipment and consumables for Ukraine and Belarus, based on the experience in the mining industry and stone dressing.

Abbreviation CUB in the company name – is first letters of three countries: China, Ukraine and Belarus. Representatives of those countries are working to make sure partners always get the best products, quality, service and prices – this is our mission in the stone dressing field. Our experts are always trying to introduce to the Ukrainian and Belarusian market latest developments in tools, materials and equipment for the stone processing quarries and manufactures. Within five years we’ve helped to create a lot of companies “from scratch”. Our company is always working with the principle of a low price – high quality of supplied and made products, whether it is monument, granite block or programmable stone-cutting machine. All our equipment has guarantee, warrantee and post-warranty repair. Our team has experienced mechanical engineers that can help to choose, install and adjust our equipment. They have many years of rich experience. Our customers can get practical advice in the production of the stone dressing. We have protecting chains for wheels of specialized equipment, jackbits, drill-rods and other tools and consumables for stone mining and stone rubbly quarries.