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Diamond wire

Алмазный канат

New technology in extracting and processing the stone blocks brought diamond wire cutting machines that employ diamond wire, on the level of necessary technological process during quarrying and cutting stone.

Diamond wires (wires) are used for the cutting of stone quarries and stone processing enterprises. The basis of diamond wire use twisted steel wire, which using rubber or plastic diamond record bushing. In the quarries’ wire machine and manufactories are using wire ropes with different diameter and different number of bushings and different filling.

Diamond cutting wires provide practically unlimited possibilities in contrast to circular saws. Diamond wires consist of span wire of galvanized steel, on which are located the bushings with synthetic diamonds. Wire bushing poured rubber or polymer that protects the wire from carrying abrasive dirt and guarantees a fixed position diamond plugs, which ensures high stability and functionality of the tool.

Diamond wire ends connect by using thread connections - bushings from steel. Cutting surface is enough to put a diamond wire, then cutting machine straightening and rotates. Not necessarily cutting line should be straight, with the help of pulleys, you can modify it even during the cutting process, which allows large cutting length. Using a diamond wire can cut stone detail any configuration without any difficulties.

Use diamond wires in stone working production is a step to advanced technology, ease of production and high product quality.


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