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Cutting Machines

Machines for cutting stone – the foundation of stone processing production. Cutting stone blocks into billets or slabs is carried out with cutting machines circular saws large diameter or cable machines for stone. Cutting machines are at the heart of the plant for stone processing - they start a cycle of production to finished products of stone blocks, produced from quarry.Granite blanks or slabs are sawn into components on the edging machines with saws of small diameter, thus helps to save material and cut the stone with precise size of geometric dimension of parts.Cutting, edging, rope machines for stone, equipment for stone has the widest range of models and versions of the cutting machines allows to produce the whole volume of stone products that we have on the market.

  • YCJ-1500
    Edging stone machine with two working independent heads moves on the carrier bar. Stone processing machines of this type is widely used for edging slabs and also for massive production when required dimensional accuracy of sizes and high performance. A modification of machine with rotated heads can be done for edging products at an edge from 0 to 180 deg. 
  • DTJ100
    Multi saw stone cutting portal type machine DTJ-100. Device allows to install up to 10 disk saws with the diameter of 1000mm and 1200mm. Stone machine DTJ-100 is used for massive production sawn, sawn-chipped  paving, curbs, thick slabs. Stone processing multi saw DTJ-100 is being installed into line of production to increase and simplify production process. Milling stone machine DTJ-100 differs by more powerful construction of the portal that allows to increase production of stone cutting equipment without loosing precise sizes of production: tiles, slabs, curbs pavers.
  • LMQ-2500
    The offer of 2012. Innovation among stone cutting portal type machines for disk saws of large diameter – it is LMQ-2500. Disk saw with the diameter of 2500mm gives the opportunity cut with the depth of 1100mm. The budget of the set and running stone machine is less then in LMQ-3000 in 1.5 times. Horizontal carrier slat moves in vertical plane by means of a screw. Node of the main spindle moves in horizontal plane by V-shaped guide, positioned in a crossbar. Speed of the movement is adjusted by electronic variant (change of frequency). Systems of stonecutting machine is rational, stone processing machine is durable, functional, with integrated electromechanical system for programmable cutting process. With this stone processing machine you can cut slabs with big size.
  • LMX-1600
    LMX-1600 – automatic sawing stone machine of longitudinal cut that was made by Chinese partners for multiple requests of our clients. Sawing stone portal type machines for disk saw 1600-1800mm with diamond segments – the most common stone cutting equipment in stone processing field. Horizontal carried beam moves in the vertical plane by means of screw, the speed of the lowering and raising adjustable. The node of a working head is moved in horizontal plane of V-shaped guide that positioned in crossbar. The speed of the movement adjusts by frequency regulator. Systems of the milling machine for stone LMX-1600 is rational. Stonecutting machine durable, functional, with integration of electromechanical system for programming process to cut stone. Design features: ·         The supporting...
  • 3TQ-100
    Multi saw machine for stone 3TQ-100 is used for massive production of sawn, sawn-chipped paving, curbs, thin slabs. Stone is being cut by stone cutting machine with disk saw with the diameter 1000mm. Working heads moves independently on horizontal carried beam. Stone processing multi saws 3TQ-100 can be installed into the line of the stone machines to increase production process for stone processing and simplify production process in stone processing shops in the production of paving stone.
  • LZS-1800
    LZS-1800/2200 sawing portal-bridged type machine for stone is used for sawing blocks into blanks or finished details. Carried beam of the machine LZS-1800/2200 is installed on the two bearing concrete columns which gives rigidity of the construction and provides precision to cut stone, dampens vibration. Working machine rotates 360deg around central axis which provides speed to cut stone blocks. As a cutting tool disk saw is used from 1800 with solder diamond segments for granite. All stone processing equipment has warranty.
  • QHW-1200
    QHW-1200 – universal stone cutting machine with depth 500mm. QHW-1200 has hydraulic vertical lift of working head where the guide – four powerful cylinders with large diameter what gives it strength and durability.  QHW-1200 is universal stone cutting machine which can be used as stone cutting machine. QHW-1200 – modern multifunctional stone cutting machine with digital control to cut straightly flat slabs for tiles and pieces, and also pieces with height up to 500mm. QHW-1200 cuts natural stone, marble, sandstone, limestone and others types of stone. Can be used as single machine or as part of the line. The use of iron-cast beams and rails ensures rigidity of the machine, which in turns guarantees accuracy of the cut and durability of the work of diamond tool. Design features: ·        ...
  • MQB-3A
    Cutting machine MQB-3A cantilever type used for cutting blocks and pieces of natural stone on the finished part. Machine for stone has one cutting disk, as a tool, used a circular saw with diamond segments for granite. Machine MQB-3A is designed for cutting natural stone on details. This machine cantilever type mounted on a single column, which provides rigidity and cutting accuracy. New in the overall concept of the machine: the features of the machine is a pair of tapered roller bearings with double-speed drive adapted to provide the cutting mechanism equipment for stone, cutting more stable, cutting conditions. The machine for stone can produce many operations in automatic mode, providing a specified degree of accuracy characteristics such as depth of penetration in a single pass, the distance...
  • порезочный станок
    станки по камня, станки для камня, камнерезные станки, камнерезы, окантовочные станки, камнеобрабатывающее оборудование, оборудование для обработки камня
  • Порезочный станок LMX-3850/4850
  • QSQ-2200
    QSQ2200/2500/3000 combines different diameters of blades for working simultaneously as multi blade cutting. This machine for stone has screw-rod, lifting system and hydraulic lifting system for choice. The crossbeam moves for cutting so the moving of table for block is not necessary. ( which does not supply along with machine, only available upon request ). Heavy duty structure, logical control system, easy operation together with  blade give high production and also make the finish slab with flat surface.  It is also flexible in modification for single blade cutting.