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Equipment to produce shaped production

Stone working equipment for shaped stone production is moved to the separate section. This section includes stone working machines to cut and polish columns, vases from stone, balls, balusters from stone, cut shaped profile and style. In general machines for shaped details are universal: you can cut there balusters or vases from stone and also you can polish. Machines to cut the profile can be used just for cutting. Milling machine for shaped edge can be used for cutting and polishing.

  • HBJA-30
    Automatic shape-milling machine HBJA-30 is designed for cutting and polishing shape of bevel on the edge of details made of stone with a diamond replacement tool. Working the driving part of the machine moves along the table on which fix the work piece. Interchangeable tool is installed on the working head with adjustable frequency controlled speed filing tool. Equipped with a moving guide that completely submerged in oil and hermetically closed that allows increasing lifespan. Cutting straight bevel width up to 150 mm in one pass, you can perform manual and automatic mode. Cut the silhouette by crooked lines can be manually using the working head in integrated knee-lever mechanism.
  • Станок для полировки ваз
    The machine is used for polishing pillars, columns, balusters, vases and other round-shaped objects. On this machine for stone the workpiece is held horizontally for subsequent grinding and polishing.