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Stone splitting equipment

 Stone splitting press intended for splitting stone blocks at paving and surface treatment of building products.  Presses for stone can be divided into two types: mechanical and hydraulic working head actuator. The advantage of splitting machines - constructive simplicity, reliability and high performance.  Splitting equipment is widely used for recycling of stone - bout in the finished product - paving stone. Most of the stone stakes is easy to install in the processing line for production of paving stone, chipped stone blocks, sawn chipped stone blocks.
  • AS-40
    Press AS-80  hydro compensating device with top splitting press heads, the press is used as a separate production unit, also installed in production line for the industrial manufacture of paving blocks. Compact design enables quick mounting and dismounting of the machine in the workplace, all hydraulic and mechanical elements are easily accessible for maintenance and repair, this reduces the time for warranty and post-warranty maintenance to a necessary minimum.