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Stone Machinery

CUB IMPORT supplies equipment and diamond tool for stone dressing and mining. Stone dressing machines can be divide into few categories, it depends on the machine purpose. Cutting machines which are often called “cutters for stone” designed to cut blocks of stone into blanks and finished parts.

Category of cutting machines can be divided into wire machines (machine to cut stone by diamond wire, diamond cable), milling cutter with large diameter disk saw and small diameter saw, also multicutting machines with large amount of disk saw.

Category of edging machines can be divided into automatic, semiautomatic and manual machines for stone cutting and edging. Also we can divide this category into one- and two- support machines for edging. On the edging machines we install cutting disk saw with small diameter.

Category of polishing machines can be dived into automatic polishing machines and machines for manual stone polishing. Polishing toggle machines installed on the support column. Automatic polishers CMR also can be divided into polishing machines of bridge and console-bridge type.

Category of machines for shape can be divided into machines for cutting and polishing balusters, columns, stone vases and machines for shaped and figure cutting profile.

  • Machines for cutting stone – the foundation of stone processing production. Cutting stone blocks into billets or slabs is carried out with cutting machines circular saws large diameter or cable machines for stone. Cutting machines are at the heart of the plant for stone processing - they start a cycle of production to finished products of stone blocks, produced from quarry.Granite blanks or slabs are sawn into components on the edging machines with saws of small diameter, thus helps to save...
  • Machines in stock
  • Polishing MachinePolishing equipment completes the cycle of production of stone products, but  just after qualitative polish of the surface we can see the beauty of the structure and the color of the stone.Produced a huge number of models of polishing machines: from the simple knee-lever, for manual polishing to an automatic programmable,  that can process up to six details at the same time.
  • Splitting Machine   Stone splitting press intended for splitting stone blocks at paving and surface treatment of building products.  Presses for stone can be divided into two types: mechanical and hydraulic working head actuator. The advantage of splitting machines - constructive simplicity, reliability and high performance.  Splitting equipment is widely used for recycling of stone - bout in the finished product - paving stone. Most of the stone stakes is easy to install in the processing line for production...
  • Other machineryAuxiliary equipment in the stone industry used by almost all companies to perform various works related to production process: cutting blocks of stone cutting machines in details, edging details on edging machine, polishing granite polishing machines for stone, packing of ready products. It is a separate piece of equipment for stone or installed into cyclic line for granite manufacture machines for stone. Should pay special attention to auxiliary equipment: ballast crusher, installations to...
  • Equipment for the production of shaped productsStone working equipment for shaped stone production is moved to the separate section. This section includes stone working machines to cut and polish columns, vases from stone, balls, balusters from stone, cut shaped profile and style. In general machines for shaped details are universal: you can cut there balusters or vases from stone and also you can polish. Machines to cut the profile can be used just for cutting. Milling machine for shaped edge can be used for cutting and polishing.