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Granite products

  • Natural stone paving produced since ancient times for paving streets and squares. Nowadays popularity of stone pavers is growing along with the growth of its production. Modern manufacturers of granite paving stones offer several types of natural stone pavers: • Firebrick. Such paving blocks produce by splitting on the presses used to convey. Sett has all six parties torn, split. •Saw-splitting pavers. This stone pavers produce by cutting blanks required section on stonesawing machines, and...
  • Granite is a stone, which has long enjoyed popularity for ennobling houses and facades. He is one of the most common rocks stone. Granite is formed by a mixture of crystals of quartz, feldspar and MICA. Due to the attractive appearance polished the surface of the stone, granite is used in a wide variety of industries.
  • CUB IMPORT LLC produces monuments from black stone gabro natural material used for manufacturing of memorials, possessing the necessary durability and decorative properties that gives an opportunity to carry out all necessary artwork: apply lettering, engraved portraits and ritual symbolism. CUB IMPORT LLC offers a full range of services from design monument or memorial complex to carry out installation works of any complexity. CUB IMPORT LLC supplies Korostyshiv monuments in all regions of...
  • вазы гранитные
  • Памятники из базальта
         Широкий ассортимент памятников и плитки из базальта. Наша компания производит на собственном камнеобрабатывающем производстве базальтовую плитку и памятники из природного камня базальта. Производим стандартные размеры памятников и заказные детали по заказу клиентов. Мемориальные памятники из базальта имеют черный монотонный, без вкраплений и пятен черный цвет. Портрет и надписи на базальтовой плите выбиваются легко.