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Funeral monuments

CUB IMPORT LLC produces monuments from black stone gabro natural material used for manufacturing of memorials, possessing the necessary durability and decorative properties that gives an opportunity to carry out all necessary artwork: apply lettering, engraved portraits and ritual symbolism. CUB IMPORT LLC offers a full range of services from design monument or memorial complex to carry out installation works of any complexity.

CUB IMPORT LLC supplies Korostyshiv monuments in all regions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries. We produce memorial monuments from various Ukrainian granite, gabro, basalt. Stonemasons experienced craftsmen carve in stone figured work of any complexity. Produce the memorials. Always in stock a wide range of parts of monuments, vases and balls of stone, granite balusters.

A few words about the black granite is a natural stone, granite is the natural black color that has depending on the deposits of small or medium-grained structure with certain impurities. Gabro is composed of feldspar, as well as inclusions of various minerals dark color and is of volcanic origin. Thanks to its physical-mechanical properties of this type of granite is extremely strong and durable material, ideal for monuments and other ritual products. Gabro is resistant to changes in temperature, Frost, moisture. Monument of gabro at century maintains its properties, impeccable appearance and portraits and inscriptions.