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Paving stone

Natural stone paving produced since ancient times for paving streets and squares. Nowadays popularity of stone pavers is growing along with the growth of its production. Modern manufacturers of granite paving stones offer several types of natural stone pavers:

• Firebrick. Such paving blocks produce by splitting on the presses used to convey. Sett has all six parties torn, split.

•Saw-splitting pavers. This stone pavers produce by cutting blanks required section on stonesawing machines, and then blanks prick on convey presses on the ground required length. Such pitching has four hand cut and only two opposite sides chopped. The same holds pitching with four stab parties and two sawn.

• Full-sawn pavers with additional processing. Saw paving blocks produce a slightly different way than split and rough-ground split. Cut thickness required produce processing "outside" of the surface, then the paving is cutting.

Stone pavers very durable material with high decorative properties. Walkways, sidewalks, streets and squares are made of paves. For the production of split, rough-split and the lumber pieces of paving stones used natural stone: granite, gabro, labradorite, sandstone. From the granite paves of different colours and shades can create unique cobblestone patterns.

  • Брусчатка
    Granite tiles this is a chance to give your house exterior fence TU uniqueness and beauty, which will wonder, admire and envy. Since it is the tile fits easily into any landscape and ennobles space. In addition, it is also practical: granite is one of the most durable materials that are used for tiles. Granite texture brings classically elegant touches in your home and Office. Granite tile textures of rock (rubble), usually rectangular in shape with raised granite chipped on the front surface. She can have the natural terrain and artificially created "rustic". We produce tiles of granite (granite tiles) of Ukrainian deposits. Cutting is made both on standard sizes, and the size of the customer. Production of slabs textures "Rock" is given special attention, since the production of this type...
  • Пилиная брусчатка
    Every year on our streets and especially in our yards we see coverage from granite pavers this truly beautiful and durable natural material. On the market today have a whole gamut of tints rough split pavers from different fields and this gives a wide flight of fancy designers, and the simple townsfolk in applying rough-split paving stones in various parts of the landscaping and paving. If you're faced with a choice: pavement, asphalt or granite should not hesitate, because the pitching has a number of advantages. In particular, under the influence of ultra violet rays from natural stone pavers does not emit harmful substances, and when it rains on the cobbled pavement you will not see the puddles. If you face any repairs coverage, the granite pavers can be easily disassembled, and then again...
  • Колотая брусчатка
    Producing sett is the cheapest and easiest kind of pavers. Sett is made as a result of the splitting of stone at stone splitting press with 6-minute parties get splitting paving blocks, which has the shape of a cube, but with imperfect geometry. Cover of the granite pavers, not for nothing called "Royal". Durability, resistance and high aesthetic qualities gave her the image of the aristocracy-it became prestigious material. Since granite with its excellent confrontation oxidative atmospheric processes, temperature changes, pressure shocks has almost unlimited lifespan, the road from Granite paving stones continue to serve on the roads of old Europe for centuries. Granite paver has long history of roads and bridge of mother Europe, its traditions and respectability. It takes the leading place...
  • брусчатка
    Sawn timber pavers the most popular type of granite paving stones, which produce all kinds of stone by cutting plates of the necessary thickness of the blocks. Granite slabs treated with open fire high temperature or roughen to get on one of the sides of a rough surface. Next plates cut on the sizes of the lumber pieces of paving stone, receiving straight boxes on one side of the heat treated. Fullsawn pavers is the ideal geometry and straight sides, which makes styling a monolithic structure without backlashes. The most popular sizes of lumber pieces of paving stones and 200h100h50mm 100h100h50mm. Sturdy enough for any object, due to its size the pickup has a plenty of choices that will give a special appearance to the place of its application. Heat-treated surface prevents slip withstand...