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Tires for front loaders

Шины для фронтальных погрузчиков

LLC «CUB IMPORT» supplies tires for quarry machinery: wheel loaders, wheeled excavators, dump trucks. In extreme conditions of work in the quarries of tire special requirements. Frequent breaks, cuts, punctures the tires stopped work and brought huge losses to businesses, pulled a significant expenditure for the purchase of new tires. Based on many years of experience supplying equipment for quarries, protection circuits we concluded: our customers are interested in the world's leading manufacturers of radial tires, MICHELIN, GOODYEAR, BRIDGESTONE size 29.5-25, 26.5-25, 23.5-25.

LLC «CUBE IMPORT» offers tires for loaders used best brands MICHELIN, GOODYEAR, BRIDGESTONE and also retreaded tires these brands. Today, for the owners of the quarries are important several components when buying tires for trucks: price, tire manufacturer, quality, durability. We offer a minimum price per tire from the best manufacturers.


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