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Protective circuit for machinery

Защитные цепи для спецтехники


Forged chains for special machinery

Protective circuit for the tires is a dense chain of high-alloyed steel, undergone hardening. It protects the tread and sidewalls of the tires. Circuit design allows them to adapt to any deformation of the tire. High level of self-cleaning prevents clogging of chains and slagging cells of the chain that provides maximum resistance to technology and increased traction with the ground. In the course of work on solid rocks tires career and mine machines virtually no care for your resource by frequent cuts sidewall and tread sharp chunks of beaten off rocks. Application of protection circuits in this situation becomes a necessary condition of the productive work of wheeled vehicles. The use of chains, as proven by the practice increases the resource in an average of three times. Cost savings due to the considerably more additional costs associated with the acquisition of chains and themselves with over expenditure of fuel. Today in relation to mining conditions it is advisable to equip the wheeled vehicles tire-chain system, and tires and chains should be made taking into account the permanent joint work, match in size.



Abrasion resistant protective circuit with small cells. Special profile working links provides increased traction effort, increasing the durability of the chain.


Protective circuit applied the unassociated soils. Has a dense and powerful grid with vertical ring slowly rotating during work and subjected to circular wear.


Light protective chains for tires used on small loaders, trucks, etc.


Model for loaders, dump trucks, etc., used on heavy limestone rocks or cinders for tires smaller sizes on granite rocks.


Protection + grip-protective circuit applied to drive loaders medium and trucks operating at the softest stony soils, harvesting, on ice and snow.


Abrasion resistant protective circuit with fine mesh for use on large loaders working on the most severe types of stony soils, hot slag