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Restoration saws

CUB IMPORT diamond tool repair shop

In the summer of 2013 we started a new workshop with modern equipment for saw maintenance: disk saw testing, saw soldering, saw flattening, rolling out saw’s frame. Diamond segment soldering to the saw blade is realized by modern equipment for soldering. To repair rock-saw, which is used for stone-work, we use inductive installations of HFC (generators of HFC – high-frequency currents), machine for polishing rock saws, machine to remove radial beating of rock disks, opening diamond segments after repairing the saws. The testing of the saws for the beating is done on the high-accuracy computerized installation. Smoothing of the saw frame – on the special rolling out or straightening machine.
A team of highly qualified specialists does the repairing of diamond tool in time and helps our clients to troubleshoot the equipment. Diamond segments of Chinese manufacturers of diamond tool have given a good account of themselves in the market. We install on the saw frames only the best soldering for soft or solid granite.
Mobile workshop CUB IMPORT repairs disk saws from 300 to 1600 in the diameter by removing rock saw from machine. Re-equipment of the saw frames from 1800 to 3500 in diameter can be done without removing the saw from the machine.