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Stone quarry machinery

CUB IMPORT supplies equipment tools and materials for blocks quarries. Out task is to supply our customers with the modern equipment for quarries and tool for quarrying, which were offered by the best manufacturers of China, Italy, Germany, Korea. Equipment for quarries and tool which delivers CUB IMPORT – are wire machines with different capacities from 7.5 kW to 75 kW for diamond cutting of the stones from Chinese and Italian manufacturers, diamond wire for diamond cutting – is a tool for wire machines, drilling installations DRILL for well-boring, oil-rig, bar-rig, mobile rock drill, compressed air drill, safety chains for mining.
CUB IMPORT provides 12 months warranty for all equipment, with a warehouse of spare parts and materials and of course qualified specialists who provide warranty service.
  • Wire saw is used for diamond cutting at the block quarries. Capacity of wire saw depends on the length of the diamond wire – working cutting tool. The longer diamond wire is the larger area of cutting and the stronger must be wire machine. Diamond wire machines – are quarry equipment which increases the production of the stone in many times. Wire cutting insensibly takes over blasting works in quarries. To use wire saw well-boring has to be done by drilling installation DRILL, to get diamond...
  • Drilling rigs are used for drilling in rock mining quarries.  There are different types and capacities installations for drilling of stone. Self-propelled, portable, base on the wheeled or tracked vehicles drilling machines help to increase production and minimize heavy manual labor drillers.
  • Алмазный канат
      Bushings for diamond wire clutches Bushing galvanize for diamond connection connective wire. Sleeve-connectors have an internal carving for more reliable connections of the diamond wire. Bushings for diamond wire-required consumable material for wire machines, which produce diamond cutting in the quarries.  
  • Шины для фронтальных погрузчиков
    LLC «CUB IMPORT» supplies tires for quarry machinery: wheel loaders, wheeled excavators, dump trucks. In extreme conditions of work in the quarries of tire special requirements. Frequent breaks, cuts, punctures the tires stopped work and brought huge losses to businesses, pulled a significant expenditure for the purchase of new tires. Based on many years of experience supplying equipment for quarries, protection circuits we concluded: our customers are interested in the world's leading manufacturers of radial tires, MICHELIN, GOODYEAR, BRIDGESTONE size 29.5-25, 26.5-25, 23.5-25. LLC «CUBE IMPORT» offers tires for loaders used best brands MICHELIN, GOODYEAR, BRIDGESTONE and also retreaded tires these brands. Today, for the owners of the quarries are important several components when buying...
  • Вила для фронтальных погрузчиков
    LLC «CUB IMPORT» 2006 year with supplies to Ukraine forks for heavy loaders working in the quarries for the extraction of blocks. Our partners produce forks under drawings of the customer. In China produce front loaders and other quarry equipment
  • Защитные цепи для спецтехники
      Forged chains for special machinery Protective circuit for the tires is a dense chain of high-alloyed steel, undergone hardening. It protects the tread and sidewalls of the tires. Circuit design allows them to adapt to any deformation of the tire. High level of self-cleaning prevents clogging of chains and slagging cells of the chain that provides maximum resistance to technology and increased traction with the ground. In the course of work on solid rocks tires career and mine machines virtually no care for your resource by frequent cuts sidewall and tread sharp chunks of beaten off rocks. Application of protection circuits in this situation becomes a necessary condition of the productive work of wheeled vehicles. The use of chains, as proven by the practice increases the resource in an...