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Auxiliary equipment

Nowadays, at the stone-working quarries modern mining technologies for blocks and rubble are widely used. Subsidiary machines and devices simplify quarrying, helps to increase capacity, replace heavy manual labor. Hydraulic rams, hydraulic wedges in this section.

  • YD-100
    Hydraulic jack used in quarries, when to push an array of stone torn from the wall. Jacks put in advance cut the necessary size and wells using hydraulic pump override array
  • HDP-38
    HDP-38 splitting machine or splitter used in the quarries for the stone arrays as well as breaking off for blocks by widening the split limit switch inserted into bored hole in advance. This quarry equipment happens different types of electric and diesel, with different numbers of heads splitting. HDP-38 speeds up the quarrying of stone, because splitting needs just a few minutes
  • Ручной бур
    We have hand held pneumatic hammers of different types, Y6, Y20, Y19A Y24 roads and Y26. Among them, Y6, Y20 and Y24 roads are widely used in stone processing, construction and industry. Model Y6 pneumatic hand drill-easy drill for drilling stone. Its working performance will be enough to drill in the conditions of career and production enterprise. It is characterized by its low weight, simple design and a small flow of air.
  • Для раскола масива камня
    Pneumatic cushion for splitting an array of stone, made from a polymer, is used for a section of marble, granite. After work the wire cars (cut diamond wire) pillow can separate unit with capacity from 15 to 200 tones.